How to Build Resilience and Thrive in a Stressful Work Environment

workplace stress

The weight of workplace stress in all jobs is well-known today. We know about the negative effects it has on the workforce and the need for reducing stress. What many of us do not know is that women are the most affected by workplace stress.


“There is a need for corporations to address problems like mental health issues, mental health in workplace, and more for the benefit of their female employees.”


Studies from experts reveal that the way men and women handle and manage stress differs vastly. Some of the more common results of workplace stress manifests in psychological, emotional, and physical ways. When there is more stress than a typical worker can handle, the resultant effect is severe burnout.

Emolument, a salary benchmarking website states that nearly 57% of female workers experience burnout. The cause for this issue is often the result of a stressful work environment. The numbers do not lie and Emolument is not the only site showing this information. Arinite, the United Kingdom’s health and safety consultants report that female workers in the UK are more like to suffer burnout due to a stressful work environment.

The American Psychological Association reveals women are more likely to develop emotional and physical symptoms of burnout compared to men. This threat is very noticeable in married women. It is reported that married women face higher chances of burnout than single women.

Reasons behind women suffering from workplace stress

The women that participated in these tests cite the same issues that affect their mental health in workplace.

Pressure from work

Many female workers state they feel pressured at work and offices often ask them more than they can handle. These women also report that such heavy workloads often invade their personal time. Companies often demand more from women who in turn, must work harder than men to prove themselves. Such demands result in them burning out easily.

Additionally, married women have to deal with their work at home. Tasks here include caring for children, cleaning the house, and cooking for the family. Striking a balance between office work and home work is a difficult task for these women.

Harmful work environment

Office workers require a healthy and positive work environment to become productive and reduce stress levels. That said, many workers in the United States typically work in unhealthy office conditions.

Office workers face an unhealthy work environment that impacts productivity and increases stress levels. Female employees often experience a lack of emotional support from their bosses, which exacerbates mental health issues caused by workplace violence, verbal abuse, harassment, and a hostile work environment. Biased or disrespectful behavior by superiors towards women can encourage similar conduct among workers, leading to an unsafe work environment.

Thriving in a stressful workplace

Women looking to stay economically active and chase new achievements can practice the following ideas. These ideas help you build resilience in the workplace and reduce the stress you face daily.

goal setting

Remember your purpose

It is good practice to remind yourself why you are here and the motivations that made you take this path. Think about the things that inspire you and that help you get back to what you do. Additionally, it gives you the energy to move forward with a positive mindset. There is a simple way to follow this step in the workplace. Get an image, phrase, or word that refers to this purpose and refer to it during difficult times.

Goal setting

Note your achievements

Remind yourself of moments when you were rewarded, gained recognition, won an award, or something you are proud of. Recalling those memories also helps you recall the skills used to achieve those results. Going through your earlier achievements helps you celebrate them and builds trust in yourself. This mindset helps you stay strong in the face of any adversity that comes your way.

problem solvinh

Take a systematic approach to your problem

Sometimes a complex project seems like an impossible task to overcome when viewed hastily. A better way to deal with a mistake or challenge is to break down the project into smaller stages. Compartmentalization helps you address each task one at a time and reduce the stress felt when looking at the whole.

seeking the knowledge


No office worker operates in a bubble and you should not be an exception. It is beneficial to always seek out the advice of your colleagues or bosses. Understand their points and consider their opinions before concluding. Such an approach to any topic, challenge, or issue saves time on your side and reduces the stress you face.

Final thoughts

While female workers can take steps to reduce stress and become more resilient, it is not enough. Companies must recognize the issues their workers face and take steps to help them. One way they can help is by creating a positive work environment. This reduces instances of workplace violence and promotes mental health in workplace. Beyond this, they can get help from groups like I’m Safe Organization. These companies specialize in creating a workplace where female workers can thrive.