Why is a Women’s safety app like “I’m Safe” Important?

Why is women safety app important?

Women’s safety apps are designed to help women feel safe and secure when they are out alone traveling or doing other activities. In recent years, there has been a surge in the development of safety apps designed to help women protect themselves from harm. When it comes to personal safety, there are several apps available that can help women stay safe. These apps offer a variety of features, including the ability to send alerts and locations to loved ones in an emergency, fake call features that can help you escape a dangerous situation, and tips on how to stay safe. With so many options available, it can be difficult to know which app is right for you. However, by taking the time to select an app that offers the features you need, you can ensure that you have a valuable tool at your disposal in case of an emergency.

What is I’m Safe?

I’m Safe is a women’s safety app built to prevent rape and abuse, it is built with blockchain-like technology and has cutting-edge solutions. This app is an essential solution for women all around the world. I’m Safe app is secure, easy to use, and reliable.

What makes I’m Safe unique?

I’m Safe has outstanding features that are designed to empower women to take control of their security by preventing rape and domestic violence. This app has constant updates, considers your privacy, the information captured is safe and secure, and the features have improved performance. The features include;

Track Me:

Track Me” feature shares location with loved ones, updating them on the user’s whereabouts while they are in a taxi or walking back home from work. This app allows the user to add up to five trusted contacts by requesting and being accepted by them. The trusted contacts can track the user utilising GPS tracking in the application when they click on the “track me” button. This feature also enables group chatting and sharing photos until the track me functionality is turned off. The user can choose how long the “Track me” function on this app runs, from minutes to hours. There’s also an option called “always” that lets loved ones know her everyday whereabouts until the feature is turned off. This app is a useful tool for travelers to feel connected to people they care about when they are away on their own journey.


When the user is facing an emergency, the SOS function can be activated. The app sends alerts to trusted contacts during the SOS situation notifying them that the user is in danger. The app uses the phone’s camera to snap pictures of whatever is in front of it and record sounds at predefined intervals until the SOS function is turned off. Only when one of those trusted contacts’ OTP is entered into the user’s app is she declared safe. The app also allows the user to cancel the function within 5 seconds before it sends an alert if SOS is activated by mistake.

Anonymous Recording:

The anonymous recording feature is an excellent tool for capturing audio and visual evidence without revealing the identity of the person recording it. It provides a secure way to collect data that cannot be tampered with, even if the perpetrator attempts to destroy or remove the evidence. For instance, in workplaces where employees may fear retaliation or discrimination, this feature can be particularly useful for gathering evidence of misconduct. By ensuring anonymity and security, this feature promotes a safer and more transparent environment for everyone involved, and can help to prevent future instances of misconduct.

Fake call :

The fake call feature is a handy tool that can simulate a phone call on your mobile device. With this feature, your phone can appear to be receiving a call with a ringtone, even though no actual call is being made. This feature can be used in various situations where you may need to create the illusion of receiving a call. For example, if you find yourself in a cab with a suspicious driver, you can make it seem like you’re talking to your father with a fake call. The fake call feature allows users to customize the settings, such as caller name, caller number, and timing of the call, making it even more convincing. By providing users with a quick and easy way to create a fake call, this feature can help to increase personal safety and security in potentially dangerous situations.

Battery optimised:

There are many different apps available but not all of them are battery optimised. This can be a major problem in an emergency when every second counts. A battery optimised safety app like I’m Safe can help to ensure that the app will continue to function even if the phone’s battery is low. The user can change the frequency of location sharing from continuous to once in 15 minutes, one hour, or even 6 hours. This saves battery life for a longer period. With I’m Safe women can ensure their safety in any situation.

Data Security:

Data security is the key concern of any app. The I’m Safe app encrypts and protects the collected data making it unique. The information recorded during the SOS situation is saved on a cryptographically secure Quantum Ledger Database. Thus, the history of the data cannot be tampered with. This means that the data cannot be altered, updated, or deleted by anyone including I’m Safe as well. Anyone trying to manipulate the data can be easily verified using cryptography.


An app like I’m Safe can help women feel more secure by allowing users to easily check on friends or family members and to quickly and easily send out an alert if they feel unsafe. In short, an app like I’m Safe can be a valuable tool for helping women stay safe and connected.