The Ultimate Guide to stay safe while traveling alone

Safety apps for women travelling alone

The world is constantly advancing and so are women. Women are stepping out of their homes to prove to society that they are capable individuals, just like men. From going for jobs to participating in activities such as hiking, trekking, etc. women have changed their lifestyle in every way. The phrase “women’s safety” is now common across the world and has become a major issue of concern. When it comes to traveling alone, there are a few things that a woman should keep in mind. Here are a few best practices to follow:

  1. Make a To-do list: A notepad can be used to jot down any essential information for the trip. Checklists help to ensure that everything for the trip is packed before leaving.
  2. Carry essentials: When traveling, it is necessary to be well-prepared. A power bank with enough charge, a charger, a flashlight, water, fully charged phones, and so on will be required for a journey.
  3. Carry money: Despite having cards and wallets, carrying cash is important. This can also be useful when using a phone booth or going to the closest pharmacy.
  4. Check routes on map: When it comes to choosing the most efficient routes, Google Maps is a great option. It uses information from other travelers who have already taken the same route.
  5. Download a safety app: Safety apps help women in times of crisis. Women’s safety apps feature the “track me” and “SOS” functions that send emergency alerts including the user’s current location, to selected contacts.
    • The Track Me feature is more effective than traditional location sharing because more than one person has access to the location and stays aware even when one of them is not in a position to respond to the alert.
    • The SOS feature helps to send urgent messages to trusted contacts with information, photographs, audio, and video recordings during an emergency.
    • These apps offer a wealth of information. They guide on which route to choose while traveling alone and where local police stations, rest areas, and other points of interest are located.
  6. Plan the travel: Traveling is therapeutic, and it shifts one’s perspective to improve health. The place of travel should be checked to understand if it is safe and if there are transport facilities available at the destination. It is important to follow safe travel precautions.
    • Travel at comfortable times, and not very late. Try avoiding poorly lit streets and places where there are minimal people around.
    • Public transportation may be a good financial alternative, but it can also help to feel safer and less lonely by providing more people to share the journey with.
    • Taxis and private shuttle services will transport poeple to places they wish to see, as well as pick them up from wherever they are with a mobile app and GPS location tracking. This can avoid the risk of being harassed on a crowded public transport system. Uber, for example, provides information about the driver, including his credentials and feedback.
    • Travelling on public or private transport should be decided wisely during the time of travel.
  7. Share driver details: It is always better to share information with more than two trusted contacts in case one or two of them fail to notice the shared location.
  8. Contact the authorities: Call the police or authorities immediately if you believe you are in danger and provide them with any information you have about your surroundings. Keep handy any important phone numbers, such as emergency numbers.
  9. Be familiar with your neighbors; Make an attempt to get along with your neighbors. That way they can be approached for assistance when it is required. Never allow strangers into your home unless they have an appointment with you.
  10. Self-defense: Protecting oneself is very important for a woman in today’s world. More than attacking a person learning to defend a person is more important when it comes to being a woman:
    • Women must be well equipped such as carrying pepper spray, first aid kit, etc.
    • Learning self-defense methods like karate or martial arts add to this advantage.
    • According to a survey, the number of women who expressed an interest in acquiring self-defense has increased after the gang-rape incident in Delhi, India.
  11. Follow the rules and regulations: Whether you’re abiding by road regulations, women’s safety standards, or any other relevant legislation it is always good practice to follow the rules set by law enforcement. This is the best first line of defense to avoid any unavoidable events.