I’m Safe: Discover how the global app helps women in unsafe scenarios

Global apps helping women - scenario

There is a growing need for women’s safety. Every day, we hear reports or read articles about an unlucky woman that was at the wrong place at the wrong time. In some cases, these women are severely traumatized by the incident and live in constant fear for the rest of their lives. In worse cases, the woman commits suicide or takes some extreme measures by herself. 

The need for women’s safety has led to several public and private initiatives. These campaigns aim to give women a feeling of empowerment and security. Programs like self-defense classes, walking together in groups, and carrying personal protection kits are some of the many ways women can protect themselves. 

The rise of smartphones and mobile apps provides a new way to ensure women’s safety. Mobile apps, in particular, provide convenience to a user’s fingertips. This resulted in several apps entering the market and all of them are geared towards women’s safety. 

Presently, there are several apps in the digital world that provide a degree of protection for women. One such app is I’m Safe.

What is I’m Safe

I’m Safe is a recently launched mobile app with the sole objective of ensuring women’s safety. The app comes with a number of features and functionalities that help it achieve its goal while overcoming the difficulties faced by other apps. 

Stand out features

Track Me– When activated, the Track Me feature shares the user’s location with their Trusted Contacts. The Trusted Contacts can keep track of the user’s location at all times. Additionally, the user can share pictures and posts to their Trusted Contacts and keep them updated. The user can turn on the feature for one hour, eight hours, or for an indefinite period. 

Trusted Contacts– The user can store up to five contacts with their Trusted Contacts list. These contacts are notified when the user shares their location and are alerted when the user activates an SOS. 

Selective Info Sharing– When the user starts a Track Me session, they can select which Trusted Contacts they want to share their information with. 

SOS– When the user is afraid or feels as if their life is in danger, they can activate the SOS feature. Activating the SOS sends out an alert to the user’s Trusted Contacts. The alert informs the Trusted Contacts that the user is in danger along with an OTP. The Trusted Contacts use the app to track the user’s location. During the SOS session, the app will record audio and take pictures at random intervals. The app stores this information on a cryptographically- secure server. This process ensures that the data remains protected from any tampering. The only way for the user to end the SOS is to enter the OTP sent to their Trusted Contacts. 

The need for I’m Safe

Listed below are three different scenarios where I’m Safe plays a vital role in ensuring the user’s safety.

Disclaimer: The following scenarios are fictitious. 

Scenario 1

Durga is a schoolgirl who regularly takes the bus to commute from home to school. Her mother and father are working and are unable to pick her up from school at the end of the day. One weekend, she decides to visit her aunty. Her aunt’s house is on the city’s outskirts hence her mother books a cab for her.

Durga gets into the cab and the car leaves. Halfway through the journey, Durga notices that the driver takes a different route than the usual one. Durga traveled to her Aunt’s house several times so she knows which route is the safest. As a safety precaution, she takes out her phone and activates the SOS on her I’m Safe app. Three minutes later and she gets a call from her father asking about her. Five minutes later and her mother calls. Seven minutes later her friend calls and asks her if she is okay. 

After speaking with her Trusted Contacts, Durga asks the driver why he’s taking a different route. The driver then confesses that he’s new to the city and does not know the area that well. Relieved that it was a slight misunderstanding, Durga goes safely to her Aunt’s house. 

In this scenario, we do not know if the driver was telling the truth or not. However, we do know that thanks to I’m Safe, Durga’s Trusted Contacts were made aware of her situation and immediately checked up on her. 

Scenario 2

Aarthi is a working girl and regularly takes the train to her house. To reach the station, she has to cross a long and quiet stretch of road. One day, she is crossing the road as usual and notices a man coming behind her. 

At first, she thinks nothing of it, but as she walks down the street, she notices the man following her. She increases her pace and the man does the same. Aarthi then reaches into her purse, takes out her phone, and activates the SOS on the I’m Safe.

Ten seconds later and she receives a call from her office colleague. After that, she receives a call from her mother and then her father. Aarthi now notices the man turn a corner and leave her sight. Whether the man meant to turn the corner or not is secondary, what matters is that with I’m Safe, Aarthi can walk through the streets feeling safe at all times. 

Scenario 3

Preethi is a housewife, living with her son and husband. Every day, her husband goes to work while she drops her son off at school. Preethi spends much of the day alone in her house. There is a building being constructed next to her house. 

One day, Preethi is sitting quietly at home when he hears a strange noise outside the hall. She notices the silhouette of someone outside, trying to open the window. She immediately grabs her phone and activates the SOS alert on I’m Safe. After that, she receives a call from her husband, then from her mother, and from her father. Hearing her cellphone ringing more than once, the stranger quickly left the area.

This is another example of how I’m Safe ensures the user’s safety, even when there is no one around. 


Technology has evolved in leaps and bounds over the past ten years. Things that were considered impossible back then are very much possible now. Innovations and new developments in the technology sphere helped make our lives simple and easier to manage. I’m Safe is an example of an innovative technology that greatly benefits the user and ensures their safety. With this app, women can go about their day feeling safe and secure at all times.