How Can Women Be Safe?

It seems that almost every day, we’re bombarded with news of women facing sexual harassment, assaults, and even worse crimes. Since we hear about these incidents every day, we often overlook their significance and various aspects. However, we tend to ignore the fact that anyone, including ourselves, could become a victim of such attacks. Feeling frightened or intimidated while walking alone at night or on a deserted street is a common experience for many Indian women. We are repeatedly told that a woman is never safe, and if she’s alone, she supposedly needs a male companion to protect herself from becoming a victim. With this disheartening mentality, we’ve endured for years, but it’s time for a change. In an increasingly violent society, the fear of becoming a victim is ever-present in our minds. Personal safety has become a crucial concern for every woman, whether she’s wearing a hijab or a saree. There are numerous precautions and actions that can be taken to enhance safety. Some of these include, but are not limited to, the following—keep at least some of these always in mind.

Awareness Is the Key:

“A distracted person is the easiest target.” Life is fast-paced and busy these days. We are glued to our gadgets all the time, leaving no mental space to understand things around us. While punching or kicking an attacker is part of defense, true self-defense begins long before any physical contact. The first and most probably the most important step towards safety is awareness—awareness of yourself, your surroundings, and the attacker’s strategies. It’s essential to stay alert and portray “force presence” to avoid common altercations on the street or public transport.

Sixth Sense Is a Charm:

We humans are blessed with the gift of gut instincts, also known as the sixth sense. It’s unfortunate when people overlook their instincts, labeling them as overthinking and judgmental. Understanding and acting upon these instincts is crucial. If a situation or person feels unsafe, it’s best to trust that feeling. Red flags include someone following you, attempting to engage in conversation, or asking irrelevant questions.

Solutions to Stay Safe:

  • Call your safe person and keep them informed about your situation.
  • Use the I’m Safe App to notify your loved ones if you’re unable to make a call.

Comfort Outside Your Home:

A familiar setting doesn’t guarantee safety. This includes the area around your house, your favorite store, a walking park, or a friend’s place. Stay alert, as comfort outside the home is not always a safe haven.

Self-defense is our Rescue:ber, you have the right to defend yourself physically.

Self-defense is vital for women, regardless of their profession. Before joining self-defense classes, evaluate the goals and practical usefulness of the program. Choose a studio or instructor who can teach simple techniques applicable in realistic situations. Remember, you have the right to defend yourself physically.

Bundle Up Buddies:

Avoid walking alone; tag along with a friend. If you have to walk alone, carry a pocket-sized high-powered LED flashlight. The I’m Safe App’s TrackMe feature allows you to share your location with trusted contacts for added safety.

Being Prepared Is Being Alarmed:

Stay prepared for any situation. Sense discomfort or alarming situations, and have a self-defense tool ready, such as pepper spray, Taser, or your phone with the I’m Safe App installed.

Walk Simple, Talk Simpler:

When in public, avoid flashing valuable items. Limit talking to necessary conversations, and don’t give open invitations by being flashy.

Safety Inside The Car:

Car-jacking incidents are on the rise. Keep doors and windows locked at all times, especially at intersections. Be quick when walking to your car at night, keep keys ready, shut and lock doors immediately upon entering, and be cautious of suspicious approaches.

Communication Tools:

Keep your phone charged, inform trusted contacts about your journey, and keep the I’m Safe App open for quick access to important features.

Home Invasion:

Be cautious when opening the door to uninvited guests. Dressing modestly, carrying fake ID cards, and posing as government officials are tactics attackers use. If invaded, run to a safe room with a strong door, a deadbolt lock, and keep safety tools like pepper spray or a wooden plank.

Things To Remember When Home Alone:

  • Lock the door at all times, even if your neighborhood looks like a safe space for you.
  • Install a motion sensor light system in your house
  • Install an alarm system; they are a worthy investment.
  • Install CCTV cameras in and around your house.
  • Fix a security locking system for the door connecting to your house.

If You’re Harassed or Attacked:

  • Remember you are not alone. Anytime if you are in a difficult situation, always portray confidence and be vocal. The reel world showcases a different world to us, where the girl is helpless and the attacker takes advantage of the situation. Be loud. Scream. Shout and ask for help. Run to a place where there is a crowd.
  • Don’t indulge with someone who seems to be harassing people around. Instead, make space and escape. Run away from him.
  • If push comes to shove, fight like your life depends on it because it does. Don’t hesitate to fight for yourself or defend yourself. Your life is your priority.
  • Never get in the attacker’s car or any stranger for that case, even if they pull a gun- they are not going to shoot you. They’re threaten you or promise to not hurt you. Don’t believe them. Most of the bad guys are equally good liars.

Animals Are Human’s Best Friend:

Trained guard animals, such as dogs or geese, can enhance home security. They sense danger, alert owners to intruders, and act as a deterrent to burglars.

In conclusion, living alone can be enriching but comes with added responsibilities for safety. Follow these tips and keep the I’m Safe App handy for emergency notifications. Your safety is in our hands.

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