10 Kid-Friendly Games you can Play this Christmas as a Family

Christmas games

Having a family get-together during the festive period of Christmas can be so much fun! Bringing the kids along for the parties can make it even better. To keep the kids entertained and involved, games provide a great option. There are tons of kid-friendly games that parents can simply introduce to enhance the spirit of celebration and make it an enjoyable one. These games will bring out lots of laughter, and unending joy and provide a special connection among everyone in attendance. They may also aid in strengthening family ties with all generations joining in on the fun! Here are a few amazing Christmas games that can make Christmas a memorable experience.

  1. Christmas Tree

When the whole family gets together, nothing is more fun than playing a lucky draw game to exchange gifts! Gathering everyone around the tree, each person takes their turn to pick out a number that corresponds with a surprise gift. The suspense of not knowing what’s hidden under each number adds to the excitement and anticipation. Everyone gets involved as they try to guess what lies within the packages based on size and shape before finally opening them up in delight. Playing this game brings all of us closer as we connect with one another through meaningful moments shared over these special occasions.

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  1. Play Christmas “Heads Up”

A classic game of ‘Sticky Notes’ is the perfect way to start off any holiday gathering. Players will draw the names of different classic Christmas characters on sticky notes and then attach them to their forehead, without looking at what’s written. From there, all players must work together in helping each other guess whose name they are stuck with – without actually saying it! It’s sure to be an entertaining and laughter-filled experience. Plus, if you’re feeling more tech-savvy, there’s even an app for a higher-tech version of the game!

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  1. Picture Gift Hunt

Putting a few creative spins on the traditional scavenger hunt is always a blast. An idea that will challenge and excite your players is to draw a picture of something found in one of their home’s rooms, such as their dining room or bedroom. For example, draw an image of a clock and give it to the player with instructions to find which clock in their home the gift is hidden beneath. As an extra challenge, add further clues if there are multiple clocks in the house! 

  1. Pass the Christmas Game

The Christmas game of passing a gift is full of anticipation and excitement! As the music plays, all eyes are on the gift that’s being passed around; when the music stops, whoever has the gift gets to keep it. The person who gets the gift first usually receives the biggest or most expensive one, while the last person in line gets the smallest or cheapest one. Once someone has grabbed a gift, they get out of the action so everyone else can have their turn. This tradition creates joy as well as lots of laughs!

  1. Poke-a-Tree Game

This game definitely sounds like fun for the kids! You can create a “Christmas tree” made of cups and green paper, hiding small presents in each cup. Let the kids choose any cup they’d like to break open and discover what awaits on the inside – maybe a special sweet treat, surprise gift cards, or even some delicious candy! 

  1. Snowball Game

An exciting, energetic team-building game is to divide the room in half and have each team try to throw as many “snowballs” as possible onto the other side of the room. When the timer rings, the team with the least snowballs on their side wins. This provides a creative and fun way for everyone to work together and build rapport by trying to aim precisely at the other team’s area. Reading the questions from the snowball, this activity can provide beneficial information about each person’s interests, knowledge, and sense of humor.

  1. Secret Santa

The week before Christmas is filled with anticipation and excitement; why not make it more fun? You can choose names through a lot or whatever works best for your group. Everyone keeps their name a secret, and on each day leading up to Christmas they give each other anonymous tasks like singing carols at the store or writing thank-you notes. Then, on the night of your Christmas get-together, everyone can reveal who their Secret Santa is and give them their special holiday gift!

  1. Christmas Dice Exchange

 In this game, each person gets their own gift and then takes a turn rolling the dice. Depending on which number they roll, they get different instructions; this could be to keep the same item or to pass it on to someone else in the circle. As everyone takes their turns and passes around the gifts, it eventually comes full circle. By the end of the game, everybody has gotten a chance to throw the dice. This can be an exciting and thrilling alternative way to experience the joy of giving and receiving in a fun and unique manner.

  1. Snowman Bingo

Christmas BINGO is an excellent way to add a festive touch to any family gathering around the holidays. With free printables online, preparation for this fun and age-appropriate game couldn’t be easier. Players take turns choosing images from their bingo board in order to mark off boxes on the board and make progress towards creating a single strike line diagonally, horizontally or vertically – whoever does so first wins!

Christmas Bingo
  1. Christmas Charades

The game is a great way to have some fun while also coming up with creative solutions. With creative sentences like “Santa Sitting on the Beach”, two teams can come up with downright hilarious enactments as one person from their team tries to get the others to guess the answer by enacting it. As each team scrambles to understand the other’s actions, it creates a fun and competitive atmosphere that will sweeten holiday celebrations. Who knew that acting out a jolly Santa sitting on a beach could bring so much joy?

Finally, whatever game you choose, make sure you enjoy every moment of this magical season. Wishing you all a very happy Christmas filled with unforgettable memories!

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