A Quick Study on how technology helped women to stay safe in dangerous situations

Technology and women safety

Technology exists as a way to make our lives easier and more manageable. Early technology like the wheel made it easy for us to transport goods across vast distances. Later technologies like the cellphone made it easy to communicate with others. These technologies not only improved our lives but also saved lives in the process. 

Thanks to the latest technologies, it is now possible to save more lives through safety apps than ever before. In this article, we’re going to look at how the latest technologies and apps saved woman’s life. 

How AirPods helped a woman in distress

The first story deals with a sixty-year-old woman living in New Jersey who is a florist by profession. One day, she tripped, struck her head against something, and immediately fell unconscious. After an unspecified amount of time, she woke up and found that she was heavily bleeding. The woman needed medical attention but her body refused to move.

That was when she remembered that she was wearing on her AirPods. Armed with that knowledge, the woman used a “Hey Siri” command to contact 911. This move put her in touch with an operator who managed to keep her conscious till the police and paramedics arrived on the scene. 

How technology helped

The woman made it clear that the AirPods played a pivotal role in her survival. She even went on to highlight the importance of using the AirPods and Siri to contact the police or her family during a crisis. This news led Apple to consider adding additional beneficial updates to their AirPods. Many now believe that new AirPods will measure body temperature, accurately monitor a user’s poster, and work as a viable hearing aid. 

Tinder saves a woman lost in the wilderness

A German woman was on a road trip through the Norwegian wilderness with her two friends when they became stranded on the side of a mountain. A deluge of freezing rain made it impossible for them to proceed further. She soon learned that emergency responders were too far away to help them and she needed to find a solution fast. 

How technology helped

That was when she thought of using Tinder’s location-based dating to find a helpful bachelor nearby. The woman created her profile and after a little work, she matched with a local guy. The guy arrived at the location with a bulldozer and helped the group cut a safe path through the ice. Thus, a potentially catastrophic crisis was averted thanks to some quick thinking and the latest technology. 

Apple Watch alerts woman about a life-threatening condition

The Apple Watch comes equipped with several features to monitor a user’s health. Things like ECG, oximeter, and fall detection are often credited with saving lives across the world. One notable incident involves American citizen Yolie De Leon from Arizona. 

De Leon said that her Apple Watch alerted her to her abnormally high heart rate and prompted her to visit urgent care. She went to the hospital where the doctor informed her that the Watch was right and her condition was indeed serious. Luckily though, the doctors were able to treat her before things got worse.

How technology helped

In De Leon’s case, the Watch’s ECG and the irregular heart rhythm helped to recognize the AFib, a common form of irregular heart rhythm. If left untreated, AFib leads to a stroke or worse. Thus a timely notification from a watch saved this lady from complications later down the line.

A FaceTime session that saved a woman’s life

Opokua Kwapong lives alone in New York and often chats with her sister Adumea Sapong in Manchester. During one conversation, Mrs. Sapong noticed how her elder sibling looked different than normal. 

Mrs. Sapong then raised an alarm when she noticed her sister started slurring her words. Ms. Kwapong assumed her sister was making a fuss and hence she asked for a third opinion from another sister, who is a doctor. The third sister also noticed Ms. Kwapong’s speech was slurred and directed her to call for help without fail. 

How technology helped

This time Ms. Kwapong listened to the advice and contacted emergency services. From there, she underwent several hospital scans. These scans indicated that she had a clot on the brain and the stroke left her paralyzed on the left side. Ms. Kwapong stated that thanks to FaceTime, her sister noticed something was wrong and warned her before things got worse. 

Wordle credited for saving a woman’s life

Denyse Holt, a woman living in Chicago was held captive in her home for seventeen hours after a naked intruder broke into her home while she was asleep. According to police reports, she was saved by police who arrived at the scene to perform a welfare check. The police came to her house after family members contacted them. 

Holt’s daughter Meredith Holt-Caldwell lives in Seattle located on the other side of the country. She grew worried when she noticed that her mother did not share her daily score on Wordle. She messaged Mrs. Holt and saw that she was reading the messages but not responding. This action prompted the daughter to call the police. 

How technology helped

When police arrived, they subdued the intruder with a stun gun and found Denyse locked up in a basement room for several hours. The incident serves as a reminder to everyone to check on their family members more often. 


One of the biggest issues prevailing in our society today is women’s safety. Even in today’s world, there are very few women who can walk down the street without feeling scared. Technology here can go a long way to providing the security and protection women need. The examples stated above indicate that apps and technology can save lives. It also indicates that technology in the right hands can provide the safety and security women have been looking for for many years.

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