The Unspoken Heroes: Fathers and Their Indispensable Influence

The Unspoken Heroes: Fathers and Their Indispensable Influence

‟I don’t believe those Superheroes I watch on TV, because I have a real one at home.” The little boy said to her teacher when they were talking about Spiderman, pointing out to his father who was walking towards them.

Every father is their children’s superhero, adding warmth and security to each step they take. Men may not show their love and affection like mothers, excitedly jumping with ice creams in hand, or playing peek-a-boo. He might drive the car with utmost peace and silence because he wants to reach the destination safely with his family. He is never in the limelight like the mothers but the children know their daddy is their superman.

Fathers who have been the majorly supporting their wife and children throughout, yet never acknowledged for his presence, his efforts, and expect nothing in return. Father figures are the most incredible people in our lives, without whom functioning is difficult yet we forget to thank them for their being, for their best outputs and training that we are standing here.

From the day of their bundle’s arrival to the growing up phase, fathers always stand behind, watching them from afar, and secretly praying for their safety because they know their world is growing now, and soon into leaps and bounds.

father support in a family

Every father has their secret mission to accomplish for their little buds. The daughter’s father always hopes for their safety, develops empathy towards others, helps them dream and achieve, designs wings for them, and let them fly higher to achieve missions, leaving the hindrances for him to deal with.

Whereas, fathers who are blessed with sons, they are proud fathers too, but they have a major responsibility to share. The responsibility of their aging mother, talented sister, and wife, supporting them throughout, standing as their pillar of strength, and at the same time teaching them values and training them to be responsible.

Fathers train their daughters to be strong, and their sons to be responsible enough towards the daughters of the country. This Father’s Day, we take up the opportunity to thank every father in the country for their contribution towards our growth, support, and love that was not always appreciated and acknowledged.

Father’s Day is the day for people to celebrate the men in their lives. Children take the opportunity to show their affection and love towards father figures and acknowledge the hard work put in to ensure their safety and security. This day was not accepted in the first, however, with time, people embraced the idea of the influence fathers have on their families, especially over their children’s lives.

This blog is dedicated to all the fathers who are superheroes for their children. But how did Father’s Day come into existence? Read more to find out.

The Secret Behind Father’s Day:

The Secret Behind Father’s Day: A woman named Sonora Smart Dodd was raised by a widowed father, along with her 5 siblings. Her mother passed away during the birth of the sixth child, and since then he was their support system. It was a difficult task to gain support for her idea of Father’s Day, but her hard work paid and on June 19th, 1910 the first Father’s Day was celebrated

Even though Mother’s Day gained momentum right away, it took years for Father’s Day to be nationally recognized as a main holiday. For decades, presidents were fighting to celebrate this holiday, and in 1966, President Lyndon B. Johnson signed a presidential proclamation designating the third Sunday in June as Father’s Day.

Men Don’t Appreciate Celebrations:

However, one reason that took so long for Father’s Day to become a national holiday was men supporting men was lacking. Many men felt the holiday traditions of gift-giving, celebrating their hard work and flowers did not go well with their masculinity. There were even movements held in the previous years to eradicate both days and replace them with Parent’s Day, where both the parents’ efforts were to celebrate. However, Mother’s Day stayed on the calendar, ensued Father’s Day is celebrated in June.

The society of the early years did not recognize the influence of fathers on their families, and thus the research was always based on mothers. But with time, psychologists started recognizing the importance of fathers and acknowledged their influence.


Fathers- Male Version Of Mothers For Children:

In a recent study, children who are actively involved in bonding with their fathers are more likely to be emotionally secure, confident in exploring their surroundings, and as they grow old, they have better social connections. However, children grow with better verbal skills, intellectual functioning and are great academic achievers because active and positive parenting is involved. It is also noted that daughters are designed self-independent and sons are taught how to treat the daughters of the country right.

Fathers Can Raise Emotionally Healthy Children:

When the fathers are involved, the children are healthy emotionally, socially, and intellectually. Fathers help their children to regulate their behaviors, feelings, and emotions with their sense of upbringing. Children who have involved fathers are more likely to be healthy emotionally, socially, and intellectually.

Fathers Are Equal Parents:

With the rapidly changing world and societal norms, mothers were recognized as the primary caretakers, but now women are offered lots of opportunities and fathers are being involved in raising the family rather than providing the basics. Fathers of this generation believe in equality, shares the workload, spend time with their children, and at the same time provides and serves them with basic and major amenities.

This Father’s Day celebrates the most perfect father you are blessed with, the father who will never hurt you, the father who is your pillar, the father who believes in equality, the father who doesn’t know how to hurt a woman, the father who treats your mom with respect and love, and that father who has taught you how to fight the odds a stand strong on the grounds.

fathers are equal to mothers

Ideas To Make This Father’s Day Ultra-Special.

Buying gifts and surprising them with a cake is a tradition. Ordering food from outside, barbequing, or spending a day at the park or zoo is almost outdated.

Here are some ideas for children to make this Father’s Day meaningful:

  • Since it’s the day of fathers, a gratitude card or a letter, expressing your journey and adding up some memorable moments in writing can be an excellent way of showing your love and affection.
  • Cooking a meal all by yourself, adding up his favorite dishes, and surprising him with a speech of gratitude before the meal.
  • Going on a date can also be an excellent idea. You can pick his favorite place, his most liked cuisine, and order the most delicious delicacy for him to remember the day with pure joy. Going on a date with a daughter or son is always exciting.
  • Gifting him a radio, typewriter, or even a cycle that he was interested in his young days. The feeling of reliving can add lots of happiness to their lives.
  • Booking a salon trip for him and making this Father’s Day the most perfect day for him.
  • A long drive, talking about experiences, and laughing over jokes can also add beauty to the day.
  • Book a one-day adventure trip. It could be trekking, river rafting, or sky diving that is always been on his bucket list.
  • Ticking off things on his bucket list.
  • Last but not least, express words to him that you always wanted to tell, but never got a chance. It could be from “I love you” to “You are the best Father”.

With time and age flying together, I’m Safe App takes the opportunity to wish every father and father-figures Happy Father’s Day.

This is a note to every father out there- We could never be what we are today, without you. Thank you for being there, thank you for being our support system and helping us fight the odds. Your journey wasn’t easy, but you made ours very beautiful.