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  • Augmenting PoSH Laws With New Technologies

    Augmenting PoSH Laws With New Technologies

    The PoSH Act or the Prevention of Sexual Harassment Act came into force in 2013. The objective of the act is to, quite simply, prevent any form of sexual harassment from occurring in the workplace. The Act came into being thanks to the struggles a woman faced in the informal sector. The Vishaka guidelines that…

  • Manipur Women Parade

    Manipur Women Parade

    Is It A Sin To Be A Woman? Manipur Parade Case Shook The Country. Manipur- the Jewel of India is facing a moment of discrimination and going through a tough time since the video of women, parading naked and being gang-raped. Accused are arrested, yet that’s not the end of justice. An Overview About Manipur:…