How can Youngsters Help in Women Empowerment?

Former President of India, DR. A.P.J Abdul Kalam famously said “Empowering women is a prerequisite for creating a good nation. When women are empowered, a society with stability is assured.” Ideally, this should be possible but the ground reality is vastly different. Even today, many women cannot access resources for their full psychological, cognitive, social, political, and economic development.

Hence, there is a need now more than ever for women empowered. The youth of the world hold great sway in promoting women’s empowerment as they will one day inherit the world we live in.

If you are among the youth or want to encourage women to be the best, this article helps you do so. We’ve laid out the best ways the youth or anyone else can enable women’s empowerment in today’s world.

Be aware and sensitive


Awareness and sensitivity to women’s empowerment are two essential pillars to encourage women to be their best. A society must identify and consider solutions for issues that promote gender biased practices. In addition to promoting awareness and sensitivity towards women’s empowerment, it is crucial for society to recognise and address issues like pink tax

Pink tax refers to the extra cost women often have to pay for products and services that are marketed towards them, such as personal care products and clothing. By acknowledging and working towards eliminating the pink tax, society can take another step towards promoting gender equality and empowering women.

It is essential to identify and address all forms of gender-biased practices, including reducing violence against women, stopping bullying, providing better facilities and infrastructure, educating people on harassment, etc. These efforts help individuals in society to become aware of their actions and contribute towards creating a more equitable and empowering environment for women.

Stop gender biased actions

Learning more about women empowerment means unlearning earlier biases and notions. It is essential to take action and stop such practices to promote gender equality and create a safe and inclusive environment. One effective way to raise awareness and combat gender bias is by utilizing social media platforms to share experiences and raise complaints. Social media provides a platform to amplify voices, share stories, and call attention to instances of gender bias. Additionally, creating online petitions can help garner support and bring about change by pressuring organizations and individuals to take action against gender biased practices. By taking proactive steps and standing up against gender bias, we can work towards creating a more just and equitable society.

Helping women-led initiatives

We often ignore positive actions like female economic empowerment. Women have been underrepresented and undervalued in the economic sphere for many years. Everyone needs to recognize their worth and contributions. Giving women economic authority goes a long way to creating a just and equitable society. Such a society benefits both males and females equally.

Many homemakers have gone on to become successful entrepreneurs. They go above and beyond to stand out and build a life. We can help them achieve that by supporting their businesses.

Vote for women leaders

Voting for women leaders is a crucial step towards increasing women’s empowerment in society. By electing women to positions of power and leadership, we can ensure that their voices are heard and their perspectives are taken into account in decision-making processes. Women leaders can serve as role models for other women and inspire them to pursue their goals and aspirations. Additionally, women leaders are more likely to prioritize issues that affect women, such as equal pay, access to healthcare, and representation in government. By actively supporting and voting for women leaders, we can create a more inclusive and equitable society that values and empowers women.

Educate others and communicate with them

You can think about starting conversations about the issues women face. Problems like gender equality, judiciary gaps, gender biased approaches, etc. These subjects result in awkward conversations but are required to bring big changes. You having self-awareness is a great first step to women empowerment. However, it is equally important to share your knowledge with others. Helping more people become self-aware lays the foundation for promoting women empowerment in homes and communities.

Silence and inaction continue the oppressive nature that keeps women from achieving empowerment and equality. All of us should raise our voices and create a collective momentum for change. This change helps build an equitable and just world.

Women empowerment leads to a rich society. Any evolving society will bring new achievements and challenges across both gender spectrums. Women are known for their resilience and can navigate challenges with grace. The most important role many of us have is to respect and encourage women when they face these challenges.

Closing thoughts

There are other ways in which you can encourage women to be the best version of themselves. There are several groups of social media sites that you can be a part of. Beyond this, you can tell women about products or digital solutions that help women’s empowerment. Solutions like I’m Safe, a women’s safety app takes several steps to address the issues women face and provide a platform for women to meet, interact, contribute, and grow together.

Following the steps mentioned above is good practice and sets an example for others to see. They too will understand the importance of women empowerment and the need for it in today’s world. All of us must make every effort to become great example of a person who values, celebrates, and respects women. Let us not lose sight of reality. Women are a necessary part of a nation’s economic structure. Hence, their participation and creativity only contribute to the overall success.