How Can Technology Help In Gender Equality?

Gender- equality

Among 195 countries in the world, 90% have at least one legal barrier for women. It could be from owning a property to opening a bank account. It doesn’t matter how progressive the economy is, gender inequalities are now a global challenge and they need to be addressed.

If you are wondering how to be a part of this change, read on. There is a lot to discover.

Women around the globe need to stand up for themselves. When they do, it’s our first step toward equality. The lack of women’s education, support, and awareness creates its hurdle, and like a hamster wheel, it keeps going. The chain needs to be broken. And that will come with awareness about the technology, educating more strong-headed women, and bringing them out of their shells.

Breaking The Patriarchy:

When technology took the front seat, it was introduced to the family by a man, where the sons of the family played video games and fought, while the daughters of the house were sent to the kitchen, growing up much before adulthood. Father always worked on the laptop, while the mother saved up on papers from old notebooks, and maintained expenditure of the house. The patriarchy of male-dominant world can be changed by providing different opportunities for women through newer technologies, where exploration and experience go hand in hand. Getting rid of the classic stereotype, exploring STEM subjects, supporting women with their interests, helping them grow financially independent, and teaching them technology-driven apps and software is a path towards gender equality.

DigitAll: Women’s day theme by UN Women

UN Women has come up with the theme for this women’s day “DigitAll: Innovation and technology for gender equality” considering a gender-responsive approach for the well-being and awareness of girls and women, about their civil rights and contribution towards the nation. Bringing women and technology together holds greater potential for growth and sustainability, diversifying gender equality.

Gender-Based Violence- Addressing The Unaddressed.

Gender-based violence is a phenomenon deeply rooted in gender inequality, and it is the most notable human rights violation within societies. This violence is directed against a person for the gender they belong to. Both women and men experience gender-based violence, but the majority of victims are women and girls.

Gender-based violence happens almost everywhere. At offices, at home, at a grocery store, at the car showroom. When the world will start treating women equally powerful as men, gender-based violence will stop by itself.

This violence has a massive effect on mental, physical, and reproductive health. Adding to the list, anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, and even self-harm are noticed and registered. However, we women are known for our warrior skills, creative thinking, and extremely powerful multitasking abilities. It’s time to change the perception by organizing campaigns, training, and educating peers about gender equality. It is equally crucial to also inform the crowd about different forms of violence, possible remedies, and support measures that can help them address, report and stand by gender equality.

Women Entrepreneurship- Unity In Diversity.

On the other hand, technically strong women pave the way for women’s entrepreneurship. When women of different age groups, sizes, and colors come together, discrimination doesn’t count, but innovation does, with unfiltered boundaries, and understanding and the outcome is just beyond measure. Women-led businesses have significant economic growth in the country, creating a balance of leadership, diversity in ideologies, and variable perspectives with different viewpoints. With proper societal and governmental support, we women can create a sustainable, organized, much superior growth-oriented enterprise with a vision to touch the rainbow.

Social Media platforms- Women’s Island

Although social media platforms have their own sets of boon and bane, it is the platform for women to hold and boast their strength, share their struggles and empower women through their entrepreneurship skills. Uplifting one another is a beautiful trait that women adore, and holding hands is more like breaking inequality.

Safety And Security- We Deserve More.

Along with technical knowledge and experience, we women also need to be well aware and educated about our safety. Women across the globe are harassed and abused every minute. We cannot change the world in one go, but we can always change the way we want our world to be. And here is a gift for every woman out there, struggling with safety measures. Be it day or night, I’m Safe app will serve you with protection at your fingertips.

I’m Safe app- Your Bodyguard:

I’m Safe app is a user-friendly app, developed for the safety of our fellow girls and women, struggling with abuse and violence daily.

This app has two main features live on the app. The app is easily available on Android and Apple platform. You register with your number and add your friends to the list.


Track Me:

Track Me- the name tells it all. Make a list of trusted contacts over the app, and share your live location. You can decide whom to share, and for how long through the app.


Another interesting feature this app has to offer is “SOS”. When you are in danger, one click and your SOS contact will be notified. This will allow your SOS contact to reach out to authorities, call your number, or drive to your location within minutes.

This is not the end. We also have many other features like Fake call,  anonymous recording, and organisational safety features like anonymous report. These features are to be released in the app’s next update. However, I’m Safe is working on more safety features to be included in the app, allowing you to have safety at your fingertips. And then, you can walk safely on the road without a man’s hand on your shoulder to protect you.

So this Women’s day, celebrate safety and security with, I’m Safe app. Download and make the best out of the app. Women once known to be homemakers are the new voice of the nation with their creative minds and better strategies. It’s time to make the world a better space and safe for them.