It’s hard to believe that 2023 has arrived! But with a new year, comes the opportunity for new beginnings and fresh perspectives. If you’re looking to prioritize your health and well-being this year, we’ve got just the right wellness trends for you. We women, put so much pressure on ourselves, often wanting to accomplish the most in the shortest amount of time. It’s easy to fall into the trap of saying yes to all things. Making small steps each day towards improving a healthy lifestyle will create ongoing progress towards a healthier mind, body, and spirit which will help anyone succeed in achieving their goals. To get started, here are some easy ways to develop a healthier lifestyle.

1. Start your day early: 

Waking up early can be a difficult habit to build, but the rewards are worth it. An extra 15-30 minutes in the morning can make all the difference in our daily routine. Taking a few minutes of our morning to relax and brew some coffee can do wonders for our focus, energy levels, and sense of organization. If we live with others, everyone in the house is happy when we get up before them and be organized and productive, making breakfast and preparing for the day ahead. There is a sense of satisfaction knowing that my family will have everything they need before getting out of bed. 

2. Quiet time:

In practical terms, quiet time could be anything from reading a book or journaling in solitude at home; taking yourself off for a walk around the neighborhood, meditating, or engaging in creative activities such as painting or knitting that allow you to express yourself without judgment or expectation from others. Quiet time is when you feel nourished rather than overwhelmed by additional responsibility. Quiet moments provide us with much-needed breaks throughout our days, mini journeys into ourselves where we reconnect with what matters most without distraction or comparison with other people’s lives. 

3. Dress up: 

Getting dressed up for the day, even when you’re not going out and about, can give you a major self-esteem boost. It’s amazing how much changing into something that makes you feel good can help brighten the mood. Putting effort into your appearance doesn’t have to take a long time. Try simple things like wearing a bit of makeup or accessorizing an outfit. You can even keep it simple with the right jewellery which can make all the difference. Looking your best doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. Getting dressed will make you feel better about yourself. 


4. Get organized:

Writing a to-do list can be incredibly effective to manage stress and stay organized. Having a list of tasks, allows us to quickly figure out what needs to be done and prioritize our work accordingly. It also provides a visual reminder of the tasks, helping our brain to better process the information to execute more effectively without stress.Turn on Focus mode or Do Not Disturb on your phones to prevent distractions while you’re taking a break and enjoying time away from the screen. This will help reduce how much time is spent in front of screens, allowing for more quality moments during these well-deserved reprieves.

5. Take rest: 

Taking the time to rest and recharge is essential for productive work and a healthy lifestyle. It can be especially challenging to find that balance if you are a working woman with a family and all the chores that come with it. But there are ways to incorporate rest into our lives without becoming lazy. Taking small breaks throughout the day, scheduling leisure activities, and prioritizing a good night’s sleep will help us to boost ourselves by giving us the energy to tackle our workloads more effectively.

6. Stay positive:

Being positive in every situation can help create a stress-free and relaxed environment that all moms need. A great way to do this is by surrounding yourself with positive people who will lift you up and give you encouragement, as well as reading books that will teach you how to be positive. It’s easy to become overwhelmed with the worries of our kids and spouse, but if we focus on being positive we can avoid getting stuck in an endless cycle of negativity. Taking the time for self-care and being mindful of our thoughts and emotions can help us create a more positive impact on our lives and the lives of those around us.

These six wellness trends are easy to implement and provide real benefits that every mother should try this year. Creating a healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to be difficult or time-consuming, but it is important for our overall well-being. What other wellness trends do you want to try this year?